Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Act's Of Peace And Kindness I Could Do As A Gift

Peace should reign in every people in this world in order to attain a beautiful and peaceful life. I have the acts of peace and kindness that I could do as a gift to each and everyone of us. I can be a good citizen that may lead to a peaceful life. I can act as a good leader to our country who is willing to listened to the needs of other people and to give kindness and hospitality, love to people surround me. Also, through my hearth felicity kind cooperation's in all activities which leads to peace and unity to the whole world it could be successfully done.

The Things I Do At Home Or Work To Trash Waste At School or Home

At my young age and through my own little way I can do at home or school to trash my waste is to segregate carefully the non-biodegradable garbage from non biodegradable one. Also, tried to use those recyclable materials in many ways. I can use these recyclable materials in my projects or even at home. It could be a decoration or any other useful materials. I can help to lessen the garbage in our community so even in the whole world by using this methods; the triple "R" which are the reduce-reuse-recycle. And as result of this it can help us to be free from any harmful diseases which is caused by wastes and dirt that surround us. Also, this may help us in preserving our mother earth "Save Mother Earth."

The Things I Do To Keep Myself, Others and our Planet Healthy

In my adolescence stage of life, I think the best things for me to make our planet healthy is to fallout the laws that can help to preserve our mother earth. Also preserve the endangered species in the whole world. Likewise, planting  trees can help also to preserve our nature because through planting trees we can avoid from suffering floods, soil erosion, flush floods or even landslides. Also, in my own little way I can keep and make assurance that their will no more life to be waste and also keep us away from any harmful diseases by means of maintaining our planet earth and mother nature always clean.

The Goals I Would Like To Reach This Year 2010

The accomplishments I want to reach or attain this year is to finished my studies. It is one of my greatest dream in my life since in the childish part of my life. This is a goal that I keep on striving hard in order to achieve this goal which I ever wanted to reach. So that I can help my parents and brothers in financial aspects. And as a result of this I can give back to my parents everything they do for me especially their moral support, their undying love to me and also their financial support to my studies. I can achieve this goal through the guiding spirit of our creator and together with my strong determination to success.

The People That Influenced Throughout My Life

The people surround me are the people who influenced me most throughout my life, especially my dearest parents and my brothers because they are always there beside me even in worst part of my life. I was so inspired what my dearest father says before he bade his goodbye, he became as my inspiration in life that leads me to strive hard and try to stand up in times that I am totally down. His words make me strong to face any challenges and trials, obstacles that may encounter in my life. Also, my friends because they also help me to solve my problems, they are always there for me an I can easily approach them for what I want. The last one are my teacher because they stand as my second parents in school. They teach me also how to become a good person from a childish one to a educated person.